As a destination for the senses, SENS is a vernacular play on the word ‘sense’ where the concept comprises multi-sensorial appeal to sight, smell, taste, and touch. SENS with its root in French meaning ‘sensation’ also alludes that our genesis is non-Asian and vastly distinct from our brother brand Sorae, located right on the lower floor.

Perched on the 52nd floor of Bitexco Financial Tower, 200 metres into the clouds, where has been appraised Vietnam's most unorthodox helipad, SENS is more than an opulent eatery but an intersection of curated French cuisine, luscious ingredients, timeless tectonics, and classy experiences of the 1920s golden age.




With a duo emphasis on palate as well as planet, we seek out quality products that are logistically fresh and sustainable. It would be seasonal regional ingredients like Ca Mau Crab or typical local Vietnamese vegetables which adeptly combined with French cooking methods. Our ethos is that food must be prepared with the freshest ingredients and by the most passionate pair of hands. At SENS, the ultimate culinary experience must come from the authenticity of ingredients, the meticulousness of preparation, and the thoughtfulness of presentation.


Proud of the expertise and reputation in luxury hospitality with a conscience, the crew service at SENS is well-trained to ensure every aspect is crafted as a perfect experience. For those of us every customer should be taken care of most, every moment here must be well-spent, and the entire experience has to be pleasurable.


As a renaissance that revives Art-Deco design, the space at SENS is inspired but not overdone by elements such as high contrast, dramatic space, bold colours and motifs, known since the 1920s. Although associated with the past, classically elegant interiors can look as modern today as it did 100 years ago, when the movement began. Lustrous glass walls, swanky coved ceilings, sleek topographic curves and contours, alluring ambient light fixtures cleverly used to prevent reflection of lights on glass, all exude a sense of unusual and distinct layered quality that lends a stage for purposefully and effectively bringing you to the environs of past glamour reinterpreted for today’s times.


A more intimate and private dining space in our dedicated 20-seat VIP room will also satisfy various group dining purposes, be it family gatherings, friends meet-ups, or business dinners.